Migrating toward Happiness cover.jpg

Migrating toward Happiness

The Soundtrack to My Spiritual Awakening

a memoir by Tara O'Grady

"An unconventional and perceptive memoir that aims to inspire readers to 'discover the happiness that is waiting to be revealed at his or her core.' ”
"...thoughtful, insightful prose..."
"...surprising insights on the nature of the American Dream and the immigrant experience." - Kirkus Reviews (Click full review here)

“Migrating toward Happiness reads like a song, an intimate melody, made vibrant by the rhythm of motion and the shifting accents of the immigrant voice.  This story is at once familiar and extraordinary – it could be anyone’s family, any American journey – but the storytelling is so poignant, so lively and enchanting, that the tale is utterly seductive.  Tara O’Grady sings from the page in this charming debut, and her readers will be keen for an encore.”

Jeanine Cummins, American Dirt

“You see more than the USA in Tara O'Grady's Chevrolet. All memoirs are journeys but this one is exhilarating, effervescent, and sometimes sad. All men should read it to help them understand the magic of the workings of a woman's mind and all women should read it for affirmation. It's got prose, poetry, music, musing and humor spiced with history all soaring in a wild profusion of color and romance settling on a positive peak. Get elevated. Read it. I loved it!”

Malachy McCourt, A Monk Swimming

"It's a wonderful story of magical events occurring at just the right time, synchronistic events spanning the globe and a trip across America (but in many ways, a trip into family, identity and self). An enjoyable, funny and thoughtful book - I'm already looking forward to her next book."

- Robert Waggoner, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self