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Archaeology of the Soul

I am the archeologist of my soul.

I dig daily for meaning beyond the material world, excavating sites within my psyche. I uncover artifacts across the spiritual landscape where no written records exist. Mine is an ancient spirit. I reconstruct the past in order to learn how to live in the present.

Calm, attentive guardians protect my spirit’s lifeway with the strength of a lion and the freedom of a falcon. My body is a temple of wisdom. I put my trust in the mystery as secrets are revealed to me.

I am a noble goddess. A leader. A builder. A peacemaker.

I forgot the origin of my story. In collecting data, I discover I am of the ocean and the forest and the stars above. I have held many tools. I have loved many men. I danced by the fireside and crafted drums from the skins of animals. I walked across deserts and climbed mountains. I sang with tribes not of my kin.

What is the greatest lesson I have learned so far on this journey? What do I still need to learn? What drives me? What inspires me? What makes me grateful to be alive again in this incarnation?

Something better is beckoning.

(Photo: Richard J Velasco. Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Sphinx of Hatshepsut.)


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