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Be Foolish

Do you ever fool around or play the fool? To act like a fool is to be playful, silly, or not behave seriously. Some folks find foolishness irritating, while others embrace this characteristic as courageous and inspiring. Let's examine the Fool archetype.

The fool is an ancient symbol in the history of human consciousness. He is the court jester in numerous Shakespeare plays. She is the character of the first card in the tarot deck. This archetype symbolizes someone at the start of a new journey, the beginning.

Children are at the beginning of their journeys. They are the epitome of the fool - inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, believing in the magic of the universe, full of spontaneity, curiosity, idealism, and adventure. There is an essence of infinite potential with babies and children. Their life journey is ahead of them, and they can go anywhere and do anything.

When we call an adult a fool, we are not being kind. We are ridiculing their approach to life. We criticize how they don't seem to be taking life too seriously. We perceive their time spent as aimless, frivolous, and foolish.

But these so-called Fools are actually just making the rest of us jealous. Like inexperienced children at the beginning of a new journey, willing to learn and know and grow and go, not knowing what to expect but trying it anyway, improvising every day with play, following their curiosity, faking it until they're making it mentality, these Fools at every stage of their lives are taking risks and therefore inspiring courage (and envy).

When we approach each day as a child does, or as a fool, with the belief that anything can happen, and that there are many opportunities awaiting us, then our path does open up in extraordinary and unimaginable ways. If we pursue our curiosity, anticipate wonder, and experience awe at every corner, our lives become more magical and meaningful.

We don't have to leave the "foolish" behavior of youth behind us. Seriousness has never gotten us anywhere. At every stage of our personal development, we can be like pilgrims towards our self awareness and how we relate to the universe at large. We can take risks and play and experiment and try and learn and discover and approach each day as a new adventure. We have as much infinite potential as a newborn, even when we are mid-life. Look at those in your community who are starting new careers when most people are retiring, or learning new skills like painting, dancing, or seaweed foraging.

Be patient with yourself and your development as a human being at Earth School. But don't forget to be foolish. And begin. Keep beginning. Every. Single. Day. Then begin again. Be foolish. It keeps your heart, mind and soul forever young!


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