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Begin Again with Awareness

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2023. It is time to begin again. But this year I want you to begin with your eyes WIDE open searching for signs everywhere, because the Universe is always speaking to us whether we choose to pay attention or not.

On New Year's Eve, I performed with my band for a private event. As I walked into the venue, I noticed this pink neon sign inside a restaurant. It caught my eye because it is a sentence on the first page of my new memoir, The Gods of Clown Alley. Yes, it is the title of a Beatles song. I wrote about how John Lennon was on to something - all we need is love, love is all we need.

Sometimes we forget that's all we need. I know we need food and shelter, but we also can't survive and thrive without love. When I saw this sign in the window, and my reflection on the glass, I knew the Universe was speaking to me, reminding me to pay attention to signs, and to share these messages with you.

As you enter this new year, begin with awareness. Teach yourself to filter out the white noise and focus on the subtle ways the Universe is trying to communicate with you on a daily basis. Notice the natural light entering your dwelling. Smell your coffee grains or tea bag before you add hot water. Listen to the bird or branch tapping on your window. Giving attention to these things that alert our senses helps us to awaken to other subtleties and signs.

Every new day is a training day at Earth School, no matter your age. Each morning you can begin again to train yourself to become more aware of your surroundings. And when your senses are finally in tune, then you can even hear your own soul's intentions. You might not have been able to hear these intentions for a while because of all the white noise and other distractions in your life.

When you are finally aware of both the outer Universe and your inner being communicating with you, ask what they have to say? This is what I hear the Universe whispering to me:

All you need is love. Be patient. Be aware. Just be.

Love surrounds us as a life force energy that we can experience in multiple ways - sunlight warming the room on a winter's day, a friendly dog greeting us in a park, or an email from an old friend wishing us well. Don't forget the greatest love of your life is your self. When you learn to love your self, then you become a gift to the world, because you want to share that awareness with everything in your waking life. And who doesn't want to participate in a love fest!

Feel free to contact me with signs or messages you become aware of as you enter this new year.


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