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Beneath the Surface

Archaeologists have just discovered a new statue on Easter Island. It has been hidden under water for centuries, but climate change revealed the sleeping giant on its dry lake bed. When early explorers sailed the Pacific ocean and first set eyes on these stone heads in the 1700s, they initially assumed they were built without bodies. But the Moai statues are indeed full-bodied figures with torsos buried deep beneath the surface. Imagine how many new wonders we might discover just below the surface of our awareness.

Consider your own body. What lies beneath your surface? Have you ever attempted to dig deeper? If not, why? Are you afraid of what you might discover about yourself?

We tend to focus on what is visible to the naked eye while neglecting the unseen. This is why the Titanic sank. Our emotions can be like icebergs. We may show the tip of it to the people in our lives, but we often hide the greater mass in the depths of our beings. Sometimes we aren't even aware of our own depth. We are even a mystery to ourselves.

There is always more to discover when we dig deep into ourselves and the world at large. Start asking questions. Follow your curiosity. Investigate the origin of a thought or feeling. Don't just dismiss it or distract yourself so that you don't have to think about it. We all have so much hidden potential. It's time to excavate the secrets of your soul. Dive beneath the surface of the skin and discover the mysteries within. The wisdom you unearth has the power to heal the masses. But if that sounds too overwhelming, just start with healing yourself, one curious layer at a time.


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