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Bradley Cooper Wearing a Dress

I had a dream last night that Bradley Cooper was dressed like a woman. It got me thinking about male and female characters and how the world is currently out of balance.


All the World is a Stage. We are born to play roles during our time here at Earth School which is basically a theatrical production filled with drama and conflict and all the juicy bits of a great story. We choose different costumes to reveal our external identities that we wish to project to the world outside, but inside, there are many characters that reveal themselves as part of our story at different times in our lives – the Warrior, the King, the Mystic, the Lover, the Maiden, the Mother, the Huntress, the Wise Woman, etc.


Regardless of our biological sex, we all have a mixture of male and female energy inside of us, and we need both energies in order to balance our lives. The performance of masculine and feminine traits throughout history has affected the global stage, and we are currently out of balance as a collective.


For centuries, masculine power has been glorified and prioritized while neglecting the softer nurturing aspects of feminine power. This is why the world is at war. This is why the Earth is burning. The male ego is focusing on the character of the Warrior in this play we are all acting in at the moment and for as long as we can remember. Yes, we do need masculine characters that are focused, action-oriented, and powerful leaders, but we also need to balance that energy or character in this production with the nurturing aspects of the feminine identity.


If everyone on Earth embraced their feminine energy, like Bradley Cooper wearing a dress in my dream (he actually resembled Marcia Brady, long hair and all), we would have more creative, intuitive, and compassionate individuals. Those who focus on creation do not concern themselves with destruction.


So whether you are playing the King or the Queen in this performance at this point in history as the leader of your family, workplace, or community, consider embracing the her-story role of the Nurturer so that all of humanity can survive and thrive. Otherwise - spoiler alert - this play ain’t gonna end well for any of us.


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