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Celebrate the Divine Feminine

Today is St. Brigid’s Day, a day the ancient Celts honored the goddess of fertility. February 1st is one of four Irish festivals that honor the beginning of a new season. Imbolc, which translates as “in the belly,” is the first day of spring in Ireland. A new year grows in the womb of Mother Earth. The dark season of winter is now over. It is a time of renewal, growth and the return of the light. Why should modern humans be aware of this ancient celebration? Because our survival depends on it.

There is a collective energy within the Universe of both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. When these energies are balanced, there is harmony and peace. But when these energies are not balanced, there is war and destruction. Mother Earth, a symbol of the Divine Feminine, is being destroyed by the constant pursuit of industry and power. The dark side of masculine energy is not one of protection and empathy, but of aggression and greed. Just look at the nightly news and you will see the dark side of masculine energy building forces at borders of countries because humans still see themselves as separate and continue to create imaginary lines in the sand with the words ‘yours’ and ‘mine.’

Every human, no matter their gender identity, has both the light and dark energies within their souls. The challenge is to balance those energies so that one does not outshine the other. Currently, we are all suffering and so is our planet. But across the world, the Divine Feminine is being awakened within different people, and each one is trying their best to make a difference to help transform the world by shifting this energy so that we can all live in harmony.

How can you help shift the perspective of the earth? Focus on the feminine energies that Brigid symbolizes as the fertility goddess of fire, wisdom and healing. Become the universal mother. Think as a mother would think. Put the needs of others at the forefront and be of service. Connect to your intuition. Show compassion. Tune in to your emotions. Practice self love by nurturing yourself and your inner child. Connect with nature on a deep level to understand her rhythm and pace. She does not try to take all the time. Nature is never selfish. She shares constantly and her motto is live and let live. Activate the light within yourself by spreading love and releasing fear. Understand that the world is one, not separate, just as your family is a unit connected by love.

We are all connected. This is why at this moment in time we are all suffering. We feel each other’s pain and anxiety and fear. Someone in Mexico City is currently suffering, and so is someone in Moscow, and in Madrid, and Montreal, and Melbourne, and Mumbai, and Manhattan. Mother Earth as a collective is hurting. And we as a whole can heal the hurt through love, compassion and forgiveness. Connect with your Divine Feminine energy and help to bring balance back. We need your light to shine within us all.


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