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Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember those books you read when you were a child where you got to decide how the story progressed and eventually ended? That book series was so popular because the reader was given the power to determine the main character’s actions and outcomes. While reading, one could decide to be a private investigator, a race car driver, or even a spy. The key word was CHOOSE which means to decide on a course of action. What if you lived your life the same way a child read those adventure stories? You have the power to choose the life you want to live, so what is holding you back from doing so?

Fear holds us back from our destiny. Most of us are afraid to step out of our comfort zone, and that zone has become extremely comfortable now that we have grown accustomed to working from home and fallen into the pattern of stress eating and watching Netflix on the couch.

We all want more love, more money, basically more of everything, but we aren’t willing to open ourselves to the unfamiliar in order to create new opportunities to make room for all the love and money and everything waiting for us.

The world is waiting for YOU to take advantage of its wonders and create your own adventure. First you have to imagine a more colorful life full of creative opportunities, but then you have to take action and move in that direction in order to experience the adventure waiting for you.

Make a list today of all the things you want to experience in your life. Be crystal clear about your intentions. What do you really want? Strong, loving relationships? Vibrant health? A sense of safety and security? Whatever those intentions or goals are, write them down, be very specific, and then visualize experiencing them in your mind’s eye as if you are the author of your own choose your adventure series. Guess what? You ARE the author. You CAN imagine all of this and you CAN make it happen. But don’t forget to take action to make your list a reality. Wishing and dreaming invites the possibility of new experiences, but the word CHOOSE is an action verb, and you must take action to set the intentions into motion.

It’s time to spread your wings. Where do you wish to fly? What life have you always imagined for yourself? Choose your own adventure today.


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