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Coasting into the New Year

Happy New Year.


I enter this year with the idea that life is a roller coaster. We have collectively chosen to get on this ride with others to experience all the thrills and chills it has to offer. Don’t you expect to have fun and be scared at the same time when you ride a roller coaster? If the coaster is predictable and straight and flat with no highs or lows or unexpected twists and turns, it will be boring and we wouldn’t get on the ride in the first place.


An amusement park, like our planet at large, has multiple options. Some brave folks head straight for the roller coaster. Others get stuck at the bumper cars and have trouble moving on. In the fun house, some folks perceive their images as warped in mirrors, and believe the distortions they see to be the truth. And still others are simply shooting water guns to earn prizes because it makes them feel powerful and they are secretly afraid of the roller coasters.


We each have a different agenda at this park, on this planet, but we came here to feel all the feels and learn from the ups and downs and ins and outs of the grand human experience.


So, expect the unexpected, go with the flow, and enjoy the journey of this year, whatever it may bring. Also, remind yourself that you are brave enough to go on this ride in the first place. Being human is challenging. But it’s the biggest thrill you will ever experience.


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