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Destiny in Detours

I was hiking in the woods the other day and I saw this tree. It caught my attention because of the way it was growing with a bend in its bark. Most of the other trees in the forest were growing straight up, but this tree took an interesting detour which made it stand out from the rest.

We all wish for our paths to be straight and narrow. We expect to begin at A and arrive at B without complication. And we become frustrated or sometimes even distraught when our plans or goals do not follow this preferred and planned trajectory.

However, sometimes our lives take us in unexpected directions so that we may learn from the experiences in order to grow. If the paths did lead us on the straight and narrow from A to B without a detour, we may not have stood out from the rest, we may not have been recognized.

Wherever life takes us, we will grow despite the detours. It may take longer to reach our goals, but we don’t need to rush destiny. Trees teach us patience. They also teach us that there is beauty in being different from the rest.

Ask yourself, what have I learned from this detour? How has it made me stronger? What can I now contribute to the world or my community based on this new perspective of evolution.


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