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Earth School

We are all currently enrolled in the toughest school in the universe. No matter our age or degrees and diplomas from universities and other man-made institutions, the learning here at Earth School never ends, and if we don’t get it right, we have to repeat the semester over and over until we pass every test. Each one of us has signed up for challenging courses based on our individual interests, goals, and desires. But our main focus as a collective is to learn how to love.


Love sounds easy, right? Remember those classes you thought were an easy A, such as gym or art? Well, if you were born with a physical disability, gym class might be a challenge. Or if you are more left brained, you may not find that art class as creatively engaging as your math or science class.


Sure it’s easy to love our families, friends, and pets. Their love feels unconditional, natural, and welcomed. But what about the people who have taught us our most painful lessons through problematic relationships, the ones that involve compassion and forgiveness, the ones that reflect our dark sides.


And have we learned to love ourselves during these classes at Earth School? Oh that’s the hardest class of all. Look in the mirror. Can you say ‘I love you’ to your reflection? Look deeply into the eyes and gaze for a long time until you see all that there is to see, even the wounded bits. Do you participate in negative self talk?


‘I’m not good enough for…’

‘I’ll never be able to…’

‘I don’t like this about myself…’


Imagine if we directed those words instead to the people we love, we’d find ourselves alone very quickly. Why do we find it so difficult to love ourselves? Because we have forgotten who we are and why we are here.


We are all souls who have signed up for a semester abroad at Earth School, the toughest school in the universe. While we move around in these physical bodies, we learn to walk and talk and taste and smell and hear and feel and grow and evolve. The evolution part is the masters course. That’s where we discover patience, compassion, and forgiveness, and ultimately love for ourselves and all of humanity, including animals, trees, and the other living things on the planet.


The first day of Earth School begins with awareness. Once we are aware that our souls are attending a physical school, then the enlightenment can begin. And give yourself some credit, you chose to attend this very challenging school. You want to learn lessons the hard way. Basically you are an ambitious being with the confidence of an entrepreneur. You have faith in yourself that you can learn how to love. So don’t let me distract you, get back to your studies!


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