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Every Day is a Holiday

I’ve always been fascinated by etymology, the study of the origin of words and the way their meanings have changed throughout history. Growing up, the word holiday usually meant time off from school or work. It was a day the banks and post offices were closed. It was a day the stores held major sales of mattresses and cars. When referring to travel, Americans use the word vacation which comes from the French word vacances. But the British and Irish say they are going “on holiday.” The word holiday originated from the phrase “holy day.” Most folks have forgotten the meaning of this word. It is time to remember who we are, why we are here, and what makes us all sacred.

Author and teacher Jeff Foster wrote, “Remembering who you really are stops you living in suspense, longing for your next holiday, tired of life and waiting for retirement, and makes every day a holiday — a holy day. Which it always was, of course.”

If we return to the root of the meaning of the word holiday, it shifts our perspective on how we perceive each day as being a gift, or a holy occurrence. We are alive! Every day is sacred. But many of us waste so much time worrying, procrastinating, and distracting ourselves. We spend our days living in fear and anxiety. We watch the time waiting for the five o’clock whistle so we can return to mindlessly scanning another screen for hours on end. We are rarely aware of the moment we are living, the present tense, the now.

We put off celebrating the magical moments of life for the “official” holy days such as Christmas, Hanukkah, or Ramadan. But with commercialism, some holy days have become tainted with superficial tinsel, disappointment and greed. We forget to fully experience the illuminating moments of an ordinary day – the sun shining into our bedroom, the smell of our loved one’s skin, the taste of freshly brewed coffee beans that were hand picked and delivered to our door from afar. These are sacred, extraordinary experiences. If we dismiss them as anything less, we are neglecting our awareness of abundance and gratitude.

Meet each day with curiosity and kindness. Respect yourself and others. Take interest in the broader scope of life. Now is the time. Only this moment exists. If you are lucky enough to be reading this in a comfortable, safe environment, with food in your belly, and a roof over your head, then you have an abundant life. You are already successful. But open your awareness more. Recognize the sacredness in nature and in others, and also in yourself. You are co-creating with the Universe on a daily basis which is a very powerful ability. You create the momentum of your existence which also affects others around you and across the globe. Don’t forget how powerful you are, how powerful your words and thoughts are, and especially how powerful your actions are. Your worth is determined by your service to others. How are you serving your fellow human being, nature, and mother earth? How are you showing yourself love?

Every day is another day to get better at being you. You are sacred. You are holy. You are a rock star for this brief moment in time. Shift your perspective and watch your life transform in miraculous ways. Remember, every day is a holiday. How are you going to celebrate today?


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