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Every Problem is a Blessing in Disguise

What do Mary Tyler Moore and the Dalai Lama have in common? They share a similar philosophy on life’s experiences. The first wise soul is quoted as having said, “You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.” And the second said, “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” Both understood that life’s challenges are meant to teach us lessons so that we can learn how to evolve and become better human beings here on Earth School.

Life is sometimes excruciatingly painful. Jobs will be lost. Storms will destroy. Illness will arrive. Relationships will end. Hearts will be broken. These experiences are inescapable. But in every single ‘problem,’ setback, failure, or painful situation there is a life lesson with a blessing in disguise.

When something happens that is unpleasant, do you tend to ask yourself, why me? If so, change your language and ask, what lesson did I learn from this? Retrain your brain to look at life differently. When we turn the ‘mess’ into a ‘message,’ we shift our perspective to find meaning, because everything, and I mean everything, happens for a reason.

There are natural cycles to life and most things come to an end. But an end to one cycle requires the beginning of a new one. Even in death there is birth. Look to nature for example. The seasons follow these cycles of death and rebirth. It is natural and expected. The barren trees of winter will eventually bud and blossom in the spring.

You may lose your job, or your house gets flooded, or you unexpectedly separate from your partner. Do not despair to life’s inevitable misfortunes. Remain open to hope and positivity because something new is about to begin. The blessings are hidden to us during the storm. When the rains cease, and the tears dry, and the emotional clouds make way for sunshine, the path will appear clearer. A better job may be on the horizon, a new and more secure home, a more compatible and loving partner.

Every time we hurt, we are becoming more resilient. Every time we fail, we are gaining wisdom on how to do something differently. Every day we are given the chance to shape shift, become, and evolve. It is our duty to surrender to what is temporarily hidden. There are mysteries we may not fully comprehend while on this earth pertaining to war, violence and abuse. But the cycle of pain will continue each generation and reveal itself when we are ready to ask, what lesson did we learn from these experiences? If we don’t ask that question, the painful lesson may be repeated over and over until it is learned. No one said Earth School would be easy.

Be brave as you face each challenge on your journey, and remember that the Universe has something even better waiting for you.


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