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Feel All the Feels

We are here to feel all the feels. We weren't born to just stay stuck in one emotional state. Joy and exuberance are generally considered a preferred channel to vibe on, but we are delicate beings interacting with the world, and therefore we naturally have highs and lows. One day we are floating in an effervescent joyful buzz, and the next day our bubble has burst and we feel deflated and depressed. And that is okay.

Anger, love, grief, joy, fear, peace - we are meant to experience all of these human emotions. That's what makes us human. That's what makes us grow and evolve. The challenging part is being aware that each feeling is like a bubble, brief and impermanent, just like life. Joy doesn't last forever. It is impossible to maintain a constant state of joy from the moment we are born until death, even if it is our desired state of being, especially when driving in rush hour or standing in line at the airport. However, we can teach ourselves to appreciate the little things that bring us joy - a hug, a smile, a cup of coffee, a warm blanket - and also learn from the experiences that bring us painful emotions so that our lives are balanced and full like perfect circles where we are all connected in this transient phenomenon called life.

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. Prioritize your mental health every day at Earth School because we are all students learning how to exist in these bodies that make us feel all the feels. And if you need a lift, read my latest book about how my bubble burst until I taught myself to float again.


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