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Follow Your Chi

What gets you buzzed? What gives you butterflies? What makes your entire expression change when you talk about it excitedly because of your genuine enthusiasm? Whatever that is, follow it. Pursue those passions as if your life depends on it, because it actually does. You are here on a mission. You have a soul purpose. The energy at the core of your being vibrates at a high frequency when you are aligned with your destiny. That’s where your chi resides.

Chi (pronounced chee) is the life force energy that flows through every living thing. People who have balanced chi are full of zest and are pleasant to be around. They have that ‘get up and go’ energy we all crave. But other folks sometimes have low energy because their chi may be blocked. When your chi is blocked, you don’t function well. You might make bad decisions or feel emotionally stunted. You may prefer to sit on the couch and watch movies while eating unconsciously, rather than going out for a brisk walk or starting a new project on your home. Sometimes when our chi is not flowing freely, we feel we have no purpose or direction in life.

The best way to unblock and balance your chi is through movement. Running, biking, walking, hiking, swimming, and dancing are a good start. You can also perform a chakra clearing throughout your system. This can be done with meditation or a skilled practitioner who performs an energy healing if you are new to the activity. Breath work, getting enough sleep, and a healthy diet are beneficial. Also helpful are acupuncture, massage, yoga and reiki. It’s all about balance. Usually when you balance work and play, plus solitude and socializing, your energy flow also becomes balanced. Remove the stress from your life and your chi will return like fireflies on a summer night.

Once life force energy is zipping through your core like an electrical storm, you can return to those things that you are passionate about. Following your chi is similar to following your bliss, but many people don’t know what makes them happy. Start small by inviting positive energy back into your life. Do freshly cut flowers bring you joy? Place them in a vase in your home. Do you enjoy listening to music, turn on your favorite radio station in the kitchen or sing in your car. Love a good meal? Invite friends over to cook or treat yourself or others to your favorite café. Does talking to a specific individual light up your life? Then by all means, contact them on a regular basis.

But let’s take it to another level. Once you’ve unblocked your chi and started to become more aware of what brings you joy, follow that feeling wherever it leads you. If you feel invigorated walking in nature, then make time for that practice as much as you can. If you are thrilled attending live music, reserve a seat at your nearest venue. If volunteering or being generous with others warms your heart, give of yourself as often as you can. When you are curious about something, learn more about it. Research it. Explore it. Investigate it. Pursue it. Whatever it is, follow it. Wherever the energy flows, go with it. It will most likely lead you to more opportunities and possibilities and activities and interactions than you could ever have imagined. Just go with the flow following your chi and you will find your purpose, and joy, along the way. Your purpose could be just to ‘be.’ If so, then learn to ‘be present.’ Be here now in the moment, not living in past regret or worrying about the future, because both of those activities dim your chi levels.

Be aware and awake and experience all the sensations of being alive, connecting thoroughly to your mind, body and spirit as it engages on this earthly plain. Follow your chi like a Jedi in training. The force is always with you. It is your duty to awaken it and then pursue it. Where will your chi take you?


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