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Get Lit

Darkness can’t survive in the presence of light. These are lyrics I sang recently at a holiday show. Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. It is a time to bring light into our homes by lighting candles and decorating an evergreen tree. Despite the diminished daylight, we maintain hope in our hearts because we know from this day forward, the sunlight will return, and each day will grow brighter again. So today is a celebration of light overcoming darkness.

Many of us have experienced our own dark night of the soul. We don’t always feel like celebrating or being merry. Every one of us experiences obstacles and challenges. That’s part of being human. We have both darkness and light within us, and we should honor both states of being because they each help us evolve and grow. Sometimes we let the darkness consume us, and we forget that the light is always there, waiting to come out again, waiting to shine upon us and within us. The sun is returning tomorrow. Its warmth and luminosity is unstoppable.

Our ancestors feared this time of year. They weren’t sure if the sun would return again, until they started to measure the minutes of the daylight and realized there was an annual pattern. Sometimes when life is becoming too much to bear, we become fearful that the darkness in our hearts and minds will consume us entirely. But today is a reminder; the sun is always shining brightly within us and around us.

There are many ways to honor the return of the light. You are probably already participating in these traditions of setting up holiday lights. But you can focus also on that internal light, the luminosity within.

Write down a few things you wish to release that no longer serve your higher purpose. This is a way to let go of negative thoughts and behaviors that sometimes darken your spirit. Once you finish your list, throw it in the Yule fire, or go outside and light a match. Then set intentions for the new season. You don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve. Today is always a good day to set goals, to start again, to focus on bringing positivity into your daily existence. Meditate on your goals and envision them coming true. Manifest your bright future despite the darkness that currently surrounds you. Reflect. Release. Let go.

I wish you love and light during this season of hope. Now gather ‘round the campfire and get ready to get lit!


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