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Hey Mister DJ

Guess what? This is your party. You get to create the vibe. You are the DJ of your life. So what songs are you choosing to listen to? Your thoughts are the soundtrack to the way you experience the world, so if you've got sad songs playing in there, then the external world will appear blue to match your mood. But if you are playing "Walking on Sunshine" in your head by Katrina and the Waves, especially on a dark day, your toes will start tapping, and fingers will start snapping, and gosh darn it, you're gonna be dancing and transforming your energy and mindset because that's what good vibes do. You have the power to raise your own vibration and shift your mood. So let's put a playlist together and get this party started.

What is the title of your song today? You can choose one that already exists, or write your own. When you get a song in your head, it can actually shift the way you feel and help you attract the positive energy you are longing to experience. Here are a few examples to get you in the mood:

  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Diana Ross

  • Don’t Stop Believing, Journey

  • I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor

  • What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

  • I’m Still Standing, Elton John

  • Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles

  • What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger, Kelly Clarkson

  • I Can See Clearly Now, Johhny Nash

  • Sunshine on My Shoulders, John Denver

  • Happy, Pharrell Williams

  • Three Little Birds, Bob Marley

Now create your own titles. Write down some words that get you in a good mood. Maybe it's your cat or dog's name. Maybe it's your favorite food. (I once wrote a song about a muffaletta sandwich I ate in New Orleans.) Perhaps it's just the way you would like to feel at this moment even though you don't feel that way yet. Let James Brown inspire you (I Feel Good...) or Nina Simone (Feelin' Good...) Repeat the words over and over until you've got a tempo or beat created by the natural rhythm of the words. For example, let's say your dog's name is Baxter, and it makes you happy to see him playing in the yard. The title of your song could simply be "Baxter Playing in the Yard." Say that outloud to yourself. It has seven syllables. Those syllables create a sound that enters your body like music. Say it over and over. Baxter playing in the yard, Baxter playing in the yard. Can you feel your shoulders lifting? Can you move your hips to the beat? Can you tap your feet to the tempo of that title? Yes you can. And guess what, because you love Baxter, just saying those words and singing that title to yourself puts a smile on your face and once you start moving to those words, the love you have for your pet begins to travel through your body. Try it. It's fun and it feels good.

So, become the DJ of your life. Start to create the good vibes you'd like to feel on a daily basis. Tune in to your soul's song and get this party started.


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