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How to Harness the Moon

The moon - the majestic, magical, magnificent moon! It has guided our journeys on dark nights for as long as humans can remember. The subject of numerous love poems, songs, and art, people have been mesmerized by the moon glow for centuries. This celestial body that illuminates the night sky has forever been the center of ancient rituals. Throughout history, people witnessed the moon manipulating the tides. They understood the moon possessed an undeniable energy that also affects our moods. The word lunatic comes from luna, Latin for moon. It translates as being moon sick or moonstruck, because humans are indeed affected by the phases of the moon each month. This powerful energy can also help us manifest what we want to bring into our lives.

In order to harness the energy of the moon, begin to pay attention to its cycles. Mark the dates on your calendar for the entire year to make the most of the energy available to you, especially the new moon and the full moon.

Today, May 11th, is a new moon. It is the beginning of the moon’s cycle and the perfect time to set goals for what you most desire. What do you yearn for in your heart? A new job? A healed relationship? A sense of serenity and peace? Why not ask for it? If you believe you don’t deserve it, then you are incorrect, because the Universe is filled with loving energy and simply wants to provide for us if we are willing to accept that it is our sacred right to be happy and fulfilled. The Law of Attraction is about attracting what we wish for into our lives. You have the power to make this happen, and you get a clean slate every month during the new moon to start fresh and set intentions.

How do you manifest with the moon? It’s easy. First set the mood. Sit down, focus on your breath, and light a candle. Maybe even put on some soothing meditative music. Then take out a journal or piece of paper and hand write your intentions. I usually make a list of seven to ten goals, depending on my desires that month. Be very specific. When I started doing this, I was vague in my wishes, because I didn’t believe it would work, or maybe deep down I didn’t think I deserved it. Then I started getting really specific when I saw my wishes coming true. For example, my parents were having a hard time getting a vaccine appointment, so on the night of the new moon, one of my wishes was, “My parents are able to secure a Covid vaccine appointment.” I remember looking at the list two nights before the full moon when the wishes come true. I felt disappointed that my parents still didn’t have a vaccine appointment, despite trying every day online and on the phone. Finally, on the day of the full moon, my dad called me to tell me he secured their vaccine appointment! I realized if that worked, I should try it on myself. So again, on the next new moon, I wrote my intentions, wishes and goals, and when the full moon came two weeks later, I too secured my vaccine appointment.

Sometimes we’re afraid to ask for what we really want. We might think we’re being greedy. But it doesn’t always have to be about us. We can also request world peace, cures to specific diseases, and more love on the planet. Use affirmations as you write your intentions as if they already happened. You have to believe it is going to happen. Positive thinking goes a long way.

Here’s a sample new moon manifestation list:

  • I attract money into my bank account doing work that is fulfilling

  • I feel safe and loved and supported by friends and family

  • I am guided to create more time for me

  • I learn a new skill (be specific here)

  • I invite abundance and prosperity into my life

  • I attract my soul mate to join me on my journey

  • I connect more with nature and feel peaceful in doing so

The upcoming full moon on May 26th is going to be a Super Full Moon, which means it will look humongous in the night sky and hold an enormous amount of energy. That’s the night you get to read over your wish list and reflect on what came true. It’s also a time to release energy that is no longer serving your highest purpose, like all that negative mumbo-jumbo you tell yourself every day. If some things on your list don’t come to fruition yet, don’t worry. You already set the intention. You put it out into the universe. Some things take time to manifest. You can write it again on the night of the next new moon. But you also have to take action, because if you wrote ‘I will find a new job,’ and you don’t send out one single resume, then you aren’t being cooperative. Or if you ask to meet your soul mate but never leave your house, you’re not fully engaging with the opportunities available to you outside your dwelling. It’s about co-creating with universal energy. Also note that the Universe likes to surprise and delight you, so if you weren’t specific about your wish, it may reveal itself to you in a way you never expected. Your soul mate could end up being a rescue dog, or your new job could be dog walker. But maybe you needed both of these experiences, and they will fulfill you in some way. So be open minded to what comes your way.

Let me know how it goes!


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