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Life is a Piece of Cake

Cake is comfort food. We bake it to share. We serve it to celebrate. It's sweet, delicious, and brings us joy when we gather together. All the senses are engaged when it comes to cake - the aroma, the flavors, the texture, the decadent design, and the gasps heard upon presentation and consumption.

It is present at every milestone in our lives - a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary at work. It's hard to not feel happy when seeing, smelling, or eating cake. So why don't we approach life the way we feel about this dessert?

We often perceive life as hard with multiple challenges. But if everything in life was 'a piece of cake' we wouldn't learn anything. When we experience lessons at each stage in our lives, we learn to evolve and grow by how we react. We can choose to react in anger and fear, but that's rarely helpful, or we can choose to react to experiences from a place of love and compassion. When something 'happens to us' we can respond by asking the questions - What did I learn from this experience? How am I evolving as an individual? Will there be cake to comfort me as I lick my wounds?

What if we shifted our perspective and believed life is indeed a piece of cake? Then perhaps we wouldn't approach each day with fear and anxiety, and instead we'd anticipate the joy that cake brings. When we lean into the vibration of joy, we inspire more joy, and hopeful energy which is contagious. If we think of life like a piece of cake, we imagine a celebratory mood and generosity of spirit. Food for the soul!

Release the desire to focus on negativity and fear as you encounter each new day. Embrace the idea of sharing the sweetness of life even if it's just a rainy Monday night. Think of every day as a gift, as a day to celebrate your existence, as a reason to eat cake.


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