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Make Room for Movement

Today is the full moon of March, known to some folks as the Worm Moon. It holds the energy of awakening. The earth softens in this season making room for movement underground. Worms are coming out of hibernation as is all of nature. Pathways are opening for all of us to begin again and move forward with this energy.

Crows are also cawing in the sky crying out, “The end of winter is upon us!” Native American tribes in the northeast call this the Crow Moon. They are carried by the wind, another symbol of movement and change. All of nature is making room for movement.

We too feel this energy. We hear the worms inch through the softened earth, like robins listening for nourishment. We feel the blast of brisk air kiss our cheeks as the sun promises growth. Soon there will be yellow and pink and green bursting onto the scene. And we are ready for this change. We welcome it gladly, because our hibernation is over as well.

It is time to make room for movement, to stretch out in the open spaces, to call out from the high places, to sing, and dance, and take advantage of time.

Winter is ending. Spring is upon us. Each season has its purpose. We have rested. We have rejuvenated and reflected inward. Now it is time to face all the potential of the exterior realms. Go on the hunt. Seek your nourishment outside your dark dwelling. Dance in the sunshine. Become the winds of change.

Move. Move. Move!


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