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Noticing the Poetry of Nature

The tree undresses before me in the wind.

Her leaves fall like dollar bills at a burlesque club.

She stands exposed under the spotlight of the mid-November sun clinging to gold.


Go outside. Take your five senses with you. Notice your surroundings. What do you see? What do you hear? Breath deeply. Can you smell the earth? Touch the bark of a tree. Listen to your footsteps on the pavement. Can you sense the tempo? Are there birds joining your soundscape? How does the light paint the scene? Write down what you notice in a small notebook or type notes into your phone. Collect words like leaves and save them for later. These images and impressions you capture with your senses are inspiration. They keep you grounded in the moment, in the now. They awaken you to the magic of the universe. They are part of the creation of the scene you are currently in. If you do not notice the light and the leaves and the sound of the trees as they applaud you when you walk by, then you are not fully present on the stage of your life. Be present, and notice the poetry of nature. She is not a wallflower. She is dancing with or without you.


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