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Play is Productive

Today I saw a yellow butterfly dress fit for a doll in a dollar store and just had to buy it. Why? Because I own one just like it in my size, and also because I have a custom made Tara O’Grady Barbie doll with green eyes and black hair, just like me. I searched for the doll in my closet, and as soon as I put the new butterfly dress on her, I couldn’t wait to take her to the butterfly garden on a nearby farm for a photo shoot. Does this sound silly to you? Good.

According to the National Institute of Play in Carmel Valley, California, play is not only productive, but necessary for all, especially those adults who believe growing up is serious business. Play nourishes our minds, relieves stress, and improves mental health and well being. It’s also fun. Remember what fun feels like?

Play is actually critical for adults. We need it just as much as children do. It helps us enjoy life more. If you have ridden down a slide recently, or swung on a swing in park, then you know the joy of play.

Playing unites families and communities, but can also connect strangers in meaningful ways. We could definitely use more of that in our lives these days. A community that plays together stays together and supports each other.

How can you add more play in your day? Choose any activity that naturally excites and motivates you. Seek out things that bring you pleasure because not everyone shares the same idea of fun.

The institute in California says there are eight kinds of play personalities: The Collector (stamps, coins, classic cars), The Competitor (sports, board games), The Creator/Artist (woodworker, painter), The Director/Planner, The Explorer, The Joker/Comedian, The Kinesthete (dancer, athlete), and The Storyteller (writer, filmmaker). Which play personalities do you relate to?

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to be productive. Get out there and play.


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