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Roar With Joy

There is a stone that sits on top of the Hill of Tara known as the Stone of Destiny. It is believed to be the coronation stone of the ancient kings of Ireland. When the destined king touched the stone it roared with joy. When was the last time you roared with joy? Do you know that bliss is your destiny?

I just led a group up the Hill of Tara this week. It is considered one of the most sacred places in Ireland. St. Patrick went to Tara to introduce Christianity to the worshippers of the ancient religions. He explained the trinity using the shamrock. The ancient people understood the divinity in all of nature. The sun, the wind, the rivers, the hills, even the dense rocks, they all contained the energy of the divine. The energy at these sites is evident today. My group felt that raw and wild energy while in Ireland. Many were brought to tears on a daily basis because they connected on a soul level with the Irish landscape and its inhabitants.

I also led them to the passage tombs at Knowth and Newgrange. These mounds with stones ornamented in megalithic art are older than the pyramids. Our ancestors felt connected to the other world, the dimensions where our souls don't need language. Every day my group engaged with Ireland on a deep level. We tasted the sea and the earth. We slept like royals and dreamt like artists. That's when magical moments began to happen. Butterflies entered our bedrooms. Hawks landed on our forearms. Music seeped into our pores.

And most importantly, we roared with joy as we sang John Denver songs under the crescent moon on a country road in an Irish night that will live in our hearts forever. We are all destined to roar with joy. You don't have to travel to Ireland to find your voice, because nature is waiting just outside your door and it is seeking a partner to sing the chorus. But please don't delay. Now is the time to connect to that bliss within you. Now is the time to awaken the god or goddess within.


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