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Signs & Synchronicities

I started paying attention to signs when I noticed the number eleven appearing everywhere. First it revealed itself to me on the clock as 11:11, or I’d happen to look at the time at exactly eleven minutes past the hour. Then I’d see that number repeated on license plates. Eventually I noticed the numbers on the plates added up to eleven. When I went to a store, the receipt showed the price as exactly $11.11, or my change would be eleven cents. When I booked a trip, the flight number was eleven, the gate happened to be eleven, and my seat number or row was always eleven. I was born on the eleventh day of the month. My mother came to America by ship on November 11th, which is the eleventh day of the eleventh month. I wrote in my school diary about my first kiss on, you guessed it, November 11th. I knew it was significant to see the same symbol repeated constantly, because calling it a coincidence seemed to diminish an intentional and obvious form of communication from the Universe. But what did this number mean?

After researching, I discovered eleven is a master number. It represents manifestation and new beginnings. It is an invitation to awaken to your higher consciousness and connect to your soul’s purpose. Apparently, we’ve all been sleep walking most of our lives, so this is a wake up call. Now I am awake and ready to take notes.

The phenomenon of seeing the number eleven everywhere is becoming more common. I’m not the only oddball. Other folks are talking about it too. Once we are aware that the Universe speaks to us in symbols, we become more alert to other signs, as well as synchronicities.

Synchronicity is a concept that was first described by psychoanalyst Carl Jung. It involves meaningfully connected events despite no apparent connection. For example, you might be driving your car and a thought comes to mind. Perhaps you have a question or problem you can’t solve. Then suddenly, you turn the radio on and the song lyric answers your question. Or maybe you see a billboard on the side of the road, and the message on the sign answers the problem you were struggling to solve. The next day you may think of your deceased relative while walking on the sidewalk, and just at that moment a stranger passing by is humming a song your deceased relative used to sing to you. Or you pick up a coin which has the year that they died. Perhaps a white feather mysteriously finds itself in your medicine cabinet later in the day, or a rainbow appears as you are praying for guidance. The Universe is now speaking to you through symbols and signs because it knows you are paying attention and making connections. It has always been speaking to you, but you didn’t know how to translate.

Once you start paying attention to these cosmic communications, they appear more frequently. You can ignore them of course, just as you might sometimes ignore your gut feelings or intuition. But it would be wise to start to translate the secret language of the Universe. You are being offered a free guide book. Read it! Our lives are rich with meaning and worth reflection. Everything is connected. Everything has meaning.

We each receive messages in a variety of ways. I often see numbers and spirit animals in my dreams and then repeated in my waking life. But for others, they may see signs in the form of geometric shapes in clouds or on the ground, words or images on bumper stickers, colors in dreams that reveal powerful messages, or even brief encounters with strangers that create moments of illuminating ideas. Everything contains a message to awaken your spirit and assist you on your journey. It is your duty to learn how to translate the meaning in order to become more enlightened and discover your soul’s purpose.

Be open and aware. Listen to what the Universe is trying to share with you. We have what I call a Dream Team supporting and guiding us. They consist of ancestors, angels and spirit guides who love us unconditionally and are rooting for our success here at Earth School. They send us messages daily in both our waking life and in dreams. If we aren’t paying attention, the same messages will be repeated over and over until we take notice, like seeing 11:11 everywhere. Sometimes we don’t understand the message coming through. If that’s the case, you can ask for translation, meditate on the symbol, or seek the answers by researching the meanings of each symbol. Every number, shape and animal has symbolic meaning. Think of yourself as a traveler in a foreign land where you don’t speak the language. The symbols are like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. When you increase your intuition and awareness, you become more open to the information being presented to you, like becoming fluent in a foreign language. The Universe is speaking directly to you using sign language. Would you like to join the conversation?


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