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The Dream Girl

Last night I had the strangest dream... I got a new job title.

Dreams are postcards from your soul. They speak in symbolic images as ancient as time. Want to discover what your soul is singing to you? I am an oneironaut - a person who travels through dreamscapes. I've been studying dreams for the past 20 years and I'm a member of IASD - The International Association for the Study of Dreams. As a dream worker and songwriter, I want to help others awaken their intuition and creativity by exploring their dreams. 

Working with dreams promotes emotional wellbeing, enhances imaginative thinking, awakens curiosity, and expands consciousness. Learning to translate the language of these movies in the mind helps us understand who we are, why we are here, and what we can do to get out of our comfort zone and examine the imaginary walls that keep us from reaching our full potential in order to live the life of our dreams!

Explore the possibilities of working with me. And please spread the word. We are building a community of dreamers.

Events & Parties

Getting married? Celebrating a holiday? Hosting an event and looking for a unique experience? Be the first kid on your block to hire a dream coach.

What to expect -

The Dream Girl listens to a dream, uses a deck of dream tarot cards to explore symbolic imagery, answers questions pertaining to themes or recurring dreams, then writes a verse of a lyric on a postcard so your guest receives a tangible, original song from their soul to reflect on and take away.

Guests can meet privately one on one or in a group setting where dreams are shared as a collective.

Corporate Team Building

Want your staff to learn how to think outside the box? Need some new ways to stimulate creativity? Albert Einstein discovered how to incubate dreams in order to wake up with answers to mathematical equations. He literally solved problems while he slept!

Humans have been discussing dreams for thousands of years. When we share dreams as a community, we learn to listen without judgement, to notice and identify patterns, and discover creative solutions hidden just below the surface. That's when the magic begins! Dreams about work are common, and our nightly visions impact our work. Exploring dreams in the workplace can increase productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

Group Workshops/Retreats

The Dream Girl can customize creative workshops or wellness retreats for your private group, corporate conference, family event, or hotel space. Full day, all weekend, before bed, or during morning coffee upon waking, anything is possible when we dream! 

As a master educator and international tour guide, The Dream Girl can curate an experience beyond your wildest dreams. Have passport, will travel.

(Ask about The Art of Dreaming workshop with her Dream Team!)


If you prefer to have her all to yourself, The Dream Girl can provide private consultations in person or on video chat depending on your location in the universe at large.

She can offer a one time experience, or a series of consecutive discussions to guide your journey into your personal dream world, giving you tools to develop your own practice to transform your waking life. Want more love, money, and abundance of every kind? Look no further than your dreams. Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, you've been wearing those ruby slippers this entire time, and they have the power to take you anywhere you want to go!

Contact THE DREAM GIRL to discover more ways to collaborate.


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