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The White Buffalo Calf

I was sitting in a workshop last month in the Netherlands. The presenter Kiran Anumalasetty came from India to teach participants how to open their Third Eye chakra which sits between our eyebrows. He quietly guided the group through breathing exercises until we were in a meditative state. That’s when I saw the buffalo.


I often have visions of animals when I dream. I intuitively understand they are guides with symbolic messages and universal wisdom. So I didn’t think much about this image of a buffalo as it appeared when I opened my third eye at the International Association for the Study of Dreams conference held in a one thousand year old monastery in Kerkrade.


The next day, I took another workshop. This time Canadian presenter Bei Linda Tang guided the group through a waking dream. She too led us through breathing exercises and into a meditative state. But while she focused everyone’s attention on an octopus image, I fell into a deep sleep. When I woke, other participants were sharing their visions of their octopus encounter – the color of their sea creature, where they swam with it in their underwater day dream, and how they felt during this encounter.


I was reluctant to reveal that I had not only fallen asleep to Bei Linda’s soft melodic voice, I dreamed of a buffalo again. But this time, it was in Yellowstone National Park, and I also saw a woman standing beside it who I didn’t recognize.


I decided to raise my hand and tell the group that I did not see an underwater animal, but instead a symbol of abundance for Native American tribes. Later that evening at the farewell party, the Canadian presenter approached me with intensity and asked if I had seen the news. I informed her that I didn’t have wifi and could not access social media at the monastery. She then showed me a news article about a white buffalo calf that was just born in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I’m used to synchronicities like this, but she further revealed with great excitement that this calf is the symbol of a 2.000 year old prophecy, and an ascended master in the form of a woman, the woman I saw in my dream.


I was raised in Catholicism, so the only Divine Feminine figure I was aware of growing up was Mother Mary. As a feminist, I only ever prayed to her because I felt women didn’t get enough representation in the ancient religious texts which I later learned were edited by men. I was unaware of other cultures’ ascended masters such as Egypt’s Isis and Hathor, India’s Green Tara, Asia’s Quan Yin, and Native America’s White Buffalo Woman.


According to the Lakota Nation, a White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to them 2,000 years ago to teach them how to pray and bring more abundance to the tribe. She said she would return one day when times were challenging again, and she would appear as a white buffalo calf with black eyes and a black nose, distinguishing herself from what some might assume is an albino calf. The birth of this white calf in Wyoming in June of 2024 is considered by the Lakota to be of the same significance as the second coming of Jesus to Christians.


Times are indeed challenging. We all need a symbol of hope. This white calf is that sign, but it is also a warning. Humans have been destroying each other and the earth for thousands of years. We must begin to take care of each other, that includes our neighbors across borders, the animals, and the earth. Otherwise we will all cease to exist. The energy of Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine is calling us to nurture the gifts we have and begin healing from the inside out.


If a white buffalo calf can be born in Wyoming and enter my third eye vision across the globe in a dream workshop in the Netherlands, then that just proves the power of the mind and the spirit working together. Imagine if we all learned how to open our minds and our hearts to uncover the mysteries that exist in the universe, and the potential that exists within each one of us. As Louis Armstrong sang, 'what a wonderful world' it would be.


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