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Thoughts Create Reality

The Universe is always listening to you. Your kids may not be listening to you, your spouse may not be listening to you, even your co-workers may not be listening, but the Universe hears you loud and clear, especially when you are simply thinking or imagining or daydreaming. So be very mindful of your thoughts. They are extremely powerful.

I've been focusing my thoughts on things I want to bring into existence such as work opportunities and relationships. I write down my wishes that I want to manifest every month in a new moon journal. And then I wait to see what develops two weeks later during the full moon. I've been doing this for a few years now, and I've discovered that one must be very specific in terms of wishful thinking, because the Universe will respond as it sees fit.

I thought I was being very specific in December when I wrote as my number one wish, "I want to see a painted bunting in the wild of nature." I even placed a photo of this bird on my bedside table. I have never seen this bird because I live in New York, and this little fella flies around the feeders of Florida, and migrates in winter to Mexico. By writing down my intention, or wish, I was hoping I would eventually see its colorful feathers when I visit Florida in the future. But exactly two weeks after I wrote in my new moon manifestation journal, on the weekend of the full moon when our manifestations come into existence, my father texted me a photo he took of an unidentified bird on his backyard feeder in New York City. I was incredulous. I assumed my dad's eyesight was failing him, as well as his smart phone. How could a painted bunting appear in New York in winter? I was also jealous. Why did it go to his backyard and not mine!

I looked again at my journal and re-read my own words, "I want to see a painted bunting in the wild of nature." When I wrote those words, I meant I didn't want to see that specific bird in a zoo or a cage, but outside flying around in a natural setting. And there it was, outside at my dad's feeder. I didn't specify that I wanted it at MY feeder. I was just hoping to see one flying around in February when I head down to Florida to go bird watching in the sunshine.

Despite the semantics, I am in awe of this manifestation. This species does not live in New York. The Universe responded to my written intention. I enthusiastically returned to my list to see what else I had intended to manifest. Most of the wishes require me to take action in order for any of these desired thoughts to come into existence. And I am more motivated to do so, because the Universe showed me in living color what it can provide for me if I can first bring the idea to my mind.

So be mindful of your daily thoughts and wishes. Asking for world peace can be rather vague. Instead, what small step can you take to actually bring change to even one person's life to make it more peaceful and balanced? How about starting with yourself? If you think loving and peaceful thoughts, bringing that balanced calming state to yourself sends that good vibration out into the world.

The exterior world reflects your inner world. So keep your thoughts positive when thinking of your self. I am reminded of the nanny in the movie The Help when she tells the little girl, "You is kind, you is smart, you is important." Saying these things to ourselves shifts our habit of negative self talk. These thoughts create a new reality and attract positivity into our lives, just as I attracted my colorful feathered friend.

You don't have to wait for the next new moon. Manifest your best life today. Begin now with good thoughts. Then watch your existence magically transform into the life of your dreams.


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