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Transformation Takes Time

As things are opening up and we slowly emerge from our Covid cocoons, many of us do not wish to return to the old ways of being because of great changes that have taken place in our lives. Last year we often said to each other, “When things return to normal,” but now we realize returning to normal is not what we desire.

We have been transformed by this traumatic experience. It took time to get used to being in lock-down. We were filled with anxiety and uncertainty. And those feelings haven’t gone away. Now that restrictions are lifting, it will also take time to adjust to this new way of living. Anxiety during any transition is normal. Our daily lives were disrupted dramatically during the past fifteen months. So therefore we should not feel guilty about the growing pains some of us are now experiencing. Change is difficult and uncomfortable. Uncertainty feels awkward. It’s okay to not feel okay.

As Deepak Chopra said, “All great changes are preceded by chaos.” We have definitely experienced chaos this year. And it’s not completely over. It is very difficult to start a giant cogwheel and put it back in motion after an extended period of stagnation. Let’s be patient with ourselves and the enormous system of this global process.

I remember last summer telling friends I was mourning the loss of the life I once had. Fragments of that life are slowly returning, however, have we healed yet from the trauma and the loss? Not entirely. So there’s no need to rush this.

Growth and change are painful. Many of us have forgotten what growing pains felt like as our bodies changed and grew when we were children. Throughout our lives, we experienced metamorphosis in a number of ways during each life cycle, not just in our physical bodies, but also in our maturity levels, mental and emotional capacities, and in our spiritual perspectives.

Now is a time to trust in Divine Detours. Don’t resist the current of change, as we are re-creating ourselves endlessly. However, put your mental health and self-care first during this transition. Focus on the present and what you can control. Reevaluate what is really important in life. Schedule fun, creativity, nature encounters and exercise while you adjust throughout this healing period. Pursue things you enjoy. Start by asking yourself what makes you happy, and also what doesn’t. Focus on those things that make you happy.

After being cooped up in a cocoon, a butterfly emerges completely transformed into a colorful and animated being with the ability to fly. But its journey has only just begun. It is a symbol of change, renewal, hope, endurance and the courage to embrace transformation to make life better. We are all butterflies. Don’t worry if you forgot how to fly. Your natural instincts will return once you spread your wings.


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