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Tune in to Your Intuition


Tuning in to your intuition means tuning in to yourself.


There’s a lot of noise out there. It’s distracting. But there’s also a lot of noise inside. It’s confusing. Just as there are numerous billboards along the road telling you what to buy or what to believe, there are also internal thoughts and ideas feeding us conflicting messages. How do we know what to focus on or what to give our attention to when there is so much out there and also so much inside our own heads? Turn off the distractions and tune in to your intuition.


How do we know the voice in our head is our intuition and not just our ego trying to sabotage our every thought? Because intuition comes from the heart, not the head. Ego tells you that you aren’t good enough for that job, or partner, or anything for that matter. Ego makes you doubt your abilities. Ego tries to protect you and keep you in the safe lane rather than take risks and go for what you really really want in life. Ego operates from a fear base, whereas intuition is all about love.


When you tune in to your intuition, you are aligning with your soul’s radio frequency, and your soul only wants to play love songs because it loves you unconditionally, so stop blushing and just accept the love already! Your soul wants what's best for you and what will bring you the greatest joy. When you feel tingles of excitement on your skin or deep within your core, that’s your intuition telling you this is a good thing, follow this bliss. Or when you meet someone and you get a sense or a 'knowing' that something is just not right, you know it doesn’t feel good, then that’s your intuition telling you to stay clear of this individual who gives you a bad vibe. Listen to your intuition. You are tuning in to universal wisdom, wisdom that you were born with. Trust yourself to know what you know instinctively.


How do we learn how to tune in to ourselves and listen to the messages coming from our soul’s radio station?


  • Begin a daily meditation practice. Notice what visions pop up and what feelings arise.

  • Start writing down your nightly dreams. Take note of patterns, symbols and themes.

  • Trust the first thoughts of excitement you have when it comes to anything you encounter in your day, and question the almost immediate follow-up thoughts of judgment or resistance (which may be your ego preventing you from doing what you really want to do).

  • Ask yourself, does this thought feel like love or fear?

  • Notice sensations in your body when you encounter people or new information.

  • Pay attention to when you think of someone and they suddenly call, text, or visit. That’s your intuition coming in loud and clear on the radio station of your soul’s song.

  • Put down your phone. Loosen up your schedule. Go for a walk in nature. Listen.

  • Get creative. Day dream like a kid. Use your imagination more. Ask “what if?”

  • Just be… and see what happens. Don't try or force.


As soon as we become aware that our soul is always trying to communicate with us, we begin to listen more deeply. Intuition is a superpower and we all possess it. Learning how to strengthen our intuition helps us thrive rather than just survive. Tune in to yourself and notice how things begin to shift.


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