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Words - Weapons or Wildflowers

Did you know words have so much power, that even if you simply think them, they send out vibrations into the Universe? Words contain energy and can either heal or harm yourself and others. So when you think, write or speak, be mindful of your power. Your voice, both internal and external, is an instrument. You have the choice to sing in harmony with the Universe, and make beautiful music, or create imbalance, confusion and tension.

Try this exercise. Make a list of your favorite words. They can be words that are fun to say, or words that remind you of blissful experiences. If it makes you feel good, put it on the list. Some of my favorite words are – phantasmagorical, luster, yes, lovely, lollygag, hoodwinked, discombobulate, luminous, cacophony, effervescent, chocolate, turquoise, impeccable, sensuous, abundant, iridescent, shenanigans.

Now make a list of words you do not like. These might be words that make you cringe or flinch, words that connect to painful memories, or words that when you say them make other people irritable or angry. Are you afraid to even write them down? If so, you understand how powerful words can be when used as both unintentional and intentional weapons. Some of my least favorite words are – mucas, homework, no, interesting, hateful, bitch, mud, lol, unworthy, stupid, lack, (every racial slur), mourn, idiot, evil, war, can’t, manipulate.

When we use harmful words about ourselves, we put out negative energy into the Universe, and that energy is reflected back to us. Have you ever said any of these words to yourself or others? “I don’t deserve it,” “I’m not worthy,” “I’m unattractive,” “I’m useless at (fill in the blank).” If so, you are harming yourself and creating self-fulfilling prophecies. Practice saying some of the following words – “I am radiant,” “My life is abundant,” “I feel gorgeous,” “I deserve to be loved.” We believe what we tell ourselves.

When was the last time you looked forward to hearing nails on a chalkboard? Not a fan of that sound? Then begin to think of your words as sounds that sooth those who hear them. Use your voice as an instrument, creating melodious music that sends loving vibrations across the Universe. Your life will transform when you spread the love.

Compliment your co-worker. Praise your grocer. Write a love letter to your sweetheart. Sing a song to a child. Thank your postal worker. Think kindly of your neighbors. Tell yourself you are forgiven for all the times you weren’t gentle with your words. Now, speak and spread love! The world is waiting for your good vibrations.


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