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It's time to spread your wings! Join Tara as we migrate to other lands where together we will discover, awaken, evolve and grow.

We each have spirit animals that guide us throughout our lives. Tara's has always been the butterfly. Her destination specialist Niall Leogue's spirit animal has always been the penguin. When Tara decided to create these Transatlantic Butterfly experiences and collaborate with Niall, an expert in the travel industry, she discovered this mother of pearl butterfly which looks like it has penguins on its wings. There are no coincidences!

Celtic Quest - A Wellness Retreat in Ireland
September 10-19th, 2022

Experience Ireland with singer-songwriter Tara O'Grady, author of Migrating Toward Happiness, the inspirational memoir that reveals how to awaken your soul’s blissful state of being. This will be a wellness tour for those who feel they need to rejuvenate in a mystical place that inspires their spirit. Discover how Ireland can ignite your imagination, creativity and purpose. Nurture yourself in restorative spas. Stay in luxurious castle accommodations in tranquil settings. Awaken your senses through journaling, nutrition, meditation, yoga, sound healing, animal encounters, nature walks, the arts, and visits to gardens and sacred grounds. Learn to bring balance back to your life. Connect with the land, the lakes and the local wildlife on a deep level. Ireland is a place where the veil between worlds is thin, where the energy of the earth can transform your entire being, where ancient stones whisper their secrets, where you feel like you have finally come home.


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The Art of Dreaming in Tuscany
April 2023

Join Dreamworkers Amy Lloyd and Tara O'Grady as they help you understand your dreams through painting and writing workshops in Italy on an olive oil farm. Understanding our dreams is an effective way to begin to know who we are, why we are here, and what we need to do to evolve and grow during our life's journey. As members of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Amy and Tara will guide you through the symbolic territory that dreams represent. In addition to creative workshops, we will visit Florence's art museums, and eat and drink our share of pasta and wine. More details with itinerary and pricing soon.