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About Me

Hi! I'm Tara O'Grady, your Butterfly Coach. What is a Butterfly Coach, you ask?

Think of me as a life coach or mentor helping you transform your existence into a magical, wondrous and joyful experience.

Remember when you were a child and summer was an eternity, and snow days were a gift from God, and your imagination informed you that anything and everything was possible? Do you still think that way? If the answer is no, then why not?

If you find more darkness than light in your daily routine, then maybe you need a Butterfly Coach. I can help you shift your perspective and awaken your inner child and remind you that yes, magic does exist.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer, or an artist, or a dancer, or an actress. I just wanted to create all the time. Most children are born with this innate desire to create, that's why they are often found sprawled across the floor with their crayons, or pretending to be pirate queens and super heroes. They also have imaginary friends that are forgotten once they begin school. Soon they no longer talk to their stuffed animals, or the trees in the park, and they grow up to become "mature" and "serious" adults. They forget how to play and create and explore and laugh and have fun. The magic of the world somehow gets lost and becomes a faded memory.

As I became more "mature" and "serious," I stopped drawing and writing and creating. I focused on "secure" jobs that provided health insurance, jobs that didn't always bring me joy or satisfaction. I didn't take risks and I kept myself in a protective cocoon constantly worried about the future, anxious about my relationship status, and continuously struggling to overcome one health issue after another.

I used to write in my journal where I described myself as a butterfly that was still in her cocoon and not ready to spread her wings and fulfill her destiny. On a deep level, I believe my soul knew I had everything I needed to succeed, but my mind told me I wasn't ready. I often ignored my intuition and let fear contain my growth. That's when the Universe stepped in to wake me up.

Sometimes when we don't pay attention to signs, or our intuition , or if we dismiss the dreams we have at night, or the repetitive visions and synchronicities we experience during the day, the Universe steps in to shake us up. My wake up calls involved the death of a beloved family member, the loss of a job, and the breakup of a soulmate relationship. But with each heartache, with each challenge I experienced, I learned life altering lessons about love, compassion, forgiveness. AND, most importantly, that magic still exists if I am willing to connect to the flow of universal energy.

Our souls are on a journey, a journey that requires roadside assistance because it is not meant to be an easy ride. Every obstacle and speed bump we encounter is part of the experience, otherwise we wouldn't learn and grow. And that is our purpose on Earth, or as I like to call it, Earth School - to evolve our souls by learning lessons about love, compassion and forgiveness. (And patience, that's one of MY biggest lessons I'm still working on.)

As a Butterfly Coach, I want to help you spread your wings on your journey, and teach you what I've re-discovered, what most young children already know but adults have forgotten. I can help you awaken your creativity, enlighten your spirit, and inspire transformation in your life so that every day feels like a magical gift.

The Workshop page has multiple ways to interact with me as your guide. The more you know, the more you grow!

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