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Hi! I'm Tara

Butterfly Coach

Bliss Ambassador

Awakening Creativity Instructor

Welcome to Earth School! This is the place where I share my butterfly medicine with you fine people. Butterflies symbolize transformation and renewal. Over the years I have discovered that we, as human beings, are here to learn lessons about life which leads us to the evolution of our souls.

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'Papillon' Writing Retreat in Paris, inspired by Hemingway's haunts.

Explore Mindfulness With Me

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Workshops & Retreats

CELTIC QUEST – A Wellness Retreat in Ireland

September 10th-19th,  2022


Experience Ireland with singer-songwriter Tara O'Grady, author of Migrating Toward Happiness, the inspirational memoir that reveals how to awaken your soul’s blissful state of being. This will be a wellness tour for those who feel they need to rejuvenate in a mystical place that inspires their spirit. Discover how Ireland can ignite your imagination, creativity and purpose. Nurture yourself in restorative spas. Stay in luxurious castle accommodations in tranquil settings. Awaken your senses through journaling, nutrition, meditation, yoga, sound healing, animal encounters, nature walks, the arts, and visits to gardens and sacred grounds. Learn to bring balance back to your life. Connect with the land, the lakes and the local wildlife on a deep level. Ireland is a place where the veil between worlds is thin, where the energy of the earth can transform your entire being, where ancient stones whisper their secrets, where you feel like you have finally come home.


PRICING  Contact Niall Leogue at

Hawk Walk at Ireland's School of Falconry, Ashford Castle in Galway

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Presenting at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC


As an author, educator and entertainer, I have traveled the globe presenting and performing my inspiring stories and songs, as well as awakening audiences to the notion that they must take responsibility for their happiness by co-creating with the universe.

I published my first memoir in 2019. Migrating Toward Happiness: The Soundtrack to My Spiritual Awakening is about how I began to not only notice, but understand the road signs the Universe was laying out before me as I awakened to its mysteries. I was guided to take a symbolic journey replicating my deceased Irish immigrant grandmother’s 1957 American road trip in a Chevy Bel Air. It is a road trip like no other which helped me reconnect to a life beyond the cubicle and taught me how to follow my intuition to fulfill my heart's desire.

My mission as a Bliss Ambassador is to collaborate with individuals, schools, cultural centers and corporations across the globe to spread the joy and share the lessons I have learned about life, love, and purpose. I received a message one night during a dream - "Your worth is determined by your service to others." Throughout my life's journey I found people, including myself, disgruntled by modern life.  I have suffered anxiety, depression, fear and heartache. I am now teaching people how to be happy and find more meaning in their lives, no matter what stage or age they may find themselves. I share my stories and my songs as inspiration. Life continues to be a classroom long after we graduate from school. Our most memorable lessons are the daily obstacles and challenges we face. Everyone we encounter is a teacher. And if we pay attention to the road signs the Universe puts before us, we can begin to understand this journey called life. 

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Presenting at Kew & Willow Books, NYC


I teach a variety of customized courses and concepts that enhance writing, awaken creativity, enlighten spirit and inspire transformation, including:


Mindfulness/Deep Noticing

Finding Joy/Power of Positivity/Shifting Perspective

Memoir Writing/Dream Journals/Songwriting

Co-Creating with the Universe to Manifest Abundance

Interpreting Dreams/Sacred Geometry & Numerology

Ancient Animal Symbolism/Sacred Nature

Spirit Guides/Intuition/Energy

Soul Purpose

I offer online workshops (coming soon), individual private consultations,  group workshops, weekend retreats, and also week-long European retreats in luxurious and awe-inspiring locations. Each mentoring or training session is customized for your needs and can include additional coaches such as yoga instructors, energy healers, sound healers, nutritionists, artists, authors, performers, etc.


Before I became a jazz singer, songwriter and author, I earned my masters degree in Education and acquired my certification to teach literature, writing, film and drama at a high school in New York.  As an Adjunct Professor, I trained student teachers in the School of Education at St John's University in NYC. Eventually, as Program Manager at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts,  I designed workshops and courses in Manhattan for university professors and K-12 teachers from across the globe. Each lesson focused on how to bring imagination and creative thinking into their classrooms, whether they taught math, science, literature or physical education. This gave them the tools to delve deeper into their subject matter using the same 'deep noticing' skills I taught to view visual arts, dance, music and dramatic performances. The more we notice, the more we learn to live in the now which is the present moment. That's where joy resides.


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