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Becoming Yourself

The word ‘become’ means to begin to be. It is an invitation to start fresh, to start from scratch. It involves evolving and transforming from one state to another. It requires change. If you do not like yourself or the world you live in, then start to do something about it. Sitting on the couch with your glass of wine viewing the screen feeling helpless will not benefit yourself or the world at large. Don’t forget you are on a mission!

Your mission is to become more alive, to experience life fully through all your senses. If you aren’t experiencing that then you are failing at your mission on earth. Why are you choosing to sleep walk rather than engaging with others, engaging with nature, and especially engaging with yourself?

Do you know who you have become? Do you question your motives? Do you listen to your intuition? Do you permit yourself to feel all the feels? If you answered no to one or more of these questions, then perhaps it’s time to go on a date with yourself. When we are in dating mode, we are looking for someone else to tick all our boxes – funny, generous, loving, kind, magnetic, fit, intelligent, adventurous, the list goes on.

Become the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Begin to be healthy. Begin to be attentive. Begin to be curious. Begin to be friendly. Begin to be honest. Begin to be loving. Begin to be open. Begin to be in the present moment noticing all there is to be noticed. Begin to be the change you wish to see in the world. Begin to be happy.

“I’ll try” is implying both effort and hopelessness. Do not return to your day thinking, “I’ll try to do what Tara suggests.” Begin to be today. Say out loud to yourself, “I am becoming.” This implies you are a work in progress, but you have aspirations. Then take yourself out on a date. Buy yourself some tulips, watch the sunset, and begin to be loving. Then watch your world transform. You have to start somewhere, why not start with yourself?


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