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Make Love, Not War

If we are prone to fighting family and friends, then we can just as easily fight others on a more elaborate level such as war. You may not think there is a difference. But if everyone on this planet focused only on love and harmony, and people were not blinded by ego and greed and fear and power, we would not continue to kill our neighbors.

Peace begins with the self. One must find peace within, and learn to nurture it. When an individual is at peace, they do not wish to harm others. This is why self love is so important. Those who love themselves unconditionally radiate an infectious energy that can easily transfer to others which spreads good vibrations across the globe.

But when people do not love themselves, it is easy for them to inflict pain on others through hurtful words and violent actions. We are all wounded and broken in a million different ways. Our journeys on earth are teaching us lessons on how to heal those wounds. We are all a work in progress. There is much work to do.

When we heal ourselves, we are healing others too. When we hurt ourselves, we are hurting others too, because we are all connected. When we go to war with ourselves, we are going to war with every living organism in the universe.

The butterfly effect is real. One person can make a difference. Learn to love yourself. Heal your wounds. Take anger management courses. See a therapist. Start meditating. Read self-help books. Use your time every single day to become a better human being. Be that person in your family and community and country to shift the perspective of others to light and love. Our survival depends on it. The world doesn’t need any more bullies who want to hurt others because they are hurting on the inside. Make love, not war.


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