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Soul Purpose

When you were a small child, you had big ideas. You were going to save the world from evil forces with your superhero powers, build a fort in the backyard out of cardboard boxes and imagination, and knight all the spiders, squirrels, and trees before lunchtime because every creature appeared sacred to you whispering ancient wisdom to your soul. What happened to that version of you? Do you still have big ideas? Do you still believe in magic or that anything is possible?

Yes, you got taller, and your knowledge of the world changed. But as society informed you of rules and regulations and deadlines and taxes and insurance and conformity, you forgot you were a creative superhero who has the power to communicate with all living things. When you were born, you knew what your soul purpose was. But somewhere along the journey, you listened to limited thinking adults who lived their lives in fear, and you followed their ideas about the path you should take. That path took your away from your soul’s purpose.

You need a steady job, they told you. You need security. You need a partner who earns a good living. You need to go to a good school. You need to study something that will eventually make you money. You need to cut your hair a certain way, and dress a certain way, and act a certain way. Why did none of those adults tell you that you needed to follow your bliss?

When you were born, the ink on your cosmic contract was still wet. Your soul book had your mission written out for you, and you were ready to hit the ground running. You spoke to the invisible guides that surrounded you, the ones your parents referred to jokingly as your “imaginary friends.” You knew they were real, the ancestors and angels and spirit guides who conversed with you daily and in your dreams. You also knew what you wanted to be when you grew up. It was in your contract, the one you co-wrote with the Universe. You were awake and aware and could see behind the thin veil that separates this world from the other dimensions where creativity and magic and possibility live, where the Divine dwells. But then you forgot your purpose, and you lost your way, and you followed someone else’s idea of a “happy life.”

Your path became challenging. Your life felt dark and depressing. You lost all hope for a bright future. But once in a blue moon, that old familiar spark returned, a glimpse of bliss, a morsel of recognition. Maybe you passed by a shop window and saw a familiar toy you played with as a child, and that memory triggered other memories. “I was happy then,” you thought to yourself. “I had my whole life in front of me.” Guess what? You still do!

It’s never too late to get back on your path and rediscover your soul’s purpose. The mission isn’t over until you cross over. You still have the work to do, so it doesn’t really matter when you begin. Just get back on track as soon as you realize you’ve been off it. Ignite the wonder and curiosity of your inner child and learn to play again to create and imagine and believe and take risks and make the world a better place with your superhero powers. You were born with those powers, so why let them go to waste? (You don’t have to wear the cape if you don’t want to.)

We are all here for a reason. We all have a purpose. Our souls are on a mission. If you have gotten sidetracked for a few years, or even decades, don’t worry. Just return to the source. If you need help, ask your guides. Those are the imaginary friends you had when you were under the age of five. They’ve been waiting to assist you your entire life! They don’t interfere until you invite them to help you, because let’s face it, the adults who have been guiding you have led you astray on more than one occasion. Those adults thought they were doing right by you, their intentions were good, but it’s time to take the reigns and follow your bliss. This is your life. This is your journey. It is a brief moment in the history of time, and it is your moment. You create your destiny. So why aren’t you following the path that brings you the most pleasure?

Every time I felt lost or depressed, I realized I was not following my soul’s purpose. I was off my path without a compass. But when I felt blissful and content, that’s when I realized was aligned with my purpose again. If something doesn’t feel right in your gut, which is your soul speaking to you, then don’t do it or say it or sign it. Trust that gut feeling always. If something brings you joy, follow that feeling, explore those roads.

We each have a Divine mission. Listen to your heart. Use your intuition. Be open to possibility. Try new things and awaken your creativity. Perhaps begin with a journal and write down every single thing in your head, including the nonsense that sounds like an insane person ranting. Eventually that stream-of-consciousness-writing will reveal something to you, something that might have been hidden for years. That is your soul talking to you, reminding you why it is here and what it wants to do and where it needs to go. Listen to it! Your inner child will thank you for being brave. Don’t forget, you are still a superhero. You’ve always been a superhero. Believe in yourself.


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