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The Music in You

You are a musical being. You were born with rhythm. You have a heartbeat that is in tune with universal energy. When you were a child you felt that energy. You danced to it with wild abandon. You are a human instrument. You have a voice that can be used to create harmonies and melodies, and you have hands and feet that can snap and tap and clap. So why don’t you believe you are musical, or even creative for that matter? When did you stop believing you are a rock star?

Nature knows how to express itself loud and clear. “Birds do it, bees, do it, even educated fleas do it…” Cole Porter was talking about love, but love is a universal language, a way of expressing ourselves, of communicating, and language has rhythm, intonation and timbre which are all musical devices.

Why do birds sing? According to jazz musician, philosopher and author David Rothenberg, “Birds certainly sing to find love and to find home, but these reasonable purposes do not deny joy. If science is to comprehend happiness, then it should employ the skills of musicians and poets, who have used different human attributes to find meaning in the natural world.”

Nature is naturally musical, and we are of nature, so therefore we are musical. Even whales sing songs. Why shouldn’t you too express yourself daily? Symphonies of sparrows gather in the trees, along with entire choirs of insects. These creatures are expressing themselves at the fullest capacity. Their main goal is to be heard. Their short lives are transformed through creative expression. Why would you let a cicada or a sparrow upstage you?

Sing for the sheer pleasure of singing. Hum, tap, snap and get your groove on simply because vibrational sound is healing for your entire body’s energy field. Did you know as a human instrument your body can be out of tune? Negative energies such as sadness, anger and anxiety are wave forms that store themselves within our bodies and create dissonance, a musical term meaning lack of harmony. But physically speaking, it means tension. So why do birds sing all the live long day? Because they ain’t got time for tension.

What makes your heart sing? Use your voice to uplift your mind and body. Singing is actually good for your health because it helps release endorphins and strengthens the immune system lowering stress levels. Ignore your inner critic and sing in the shower or in the car. Don’t want to sing? Fine, then hum while you make breakfast or walk the dog. Humming reduces your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. Everyone can hum, so you should have no excuses when it comes to stage fright in front of your dog. Sing lullabies to your kids. Yodel to make your friends laugh. Just be your naturally musical self and experience the benefits of healing vibrations.

You are a unique instrument. Learn how to play your song and share your infectious energy with the world! Use your instrument to heal yourself and others. We are all rock stars. Never forget who you are.


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