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Tuning in to the Universe

I discovered the radio at age thirteen. This was the eighties, before the internet, before the bombardment of constant information at our fingertips. I knew my parents listened to the radio, but it was tuned in only to Irish music stations. I didn’t know there was anything else beyond their Elvis vinyl and my Grease soundtrack. When I turned the dial that day, I was blown away by all the different channels and types of music out there in Radioland. I also realized that if I didn’t adjust the antennae properly, or get the dial exactly on the right spot, I couldn’t get a good signal and hear the messages that were being directed at me. The same is true for tuning in to the Universe.

Radio waves have always been present in the Universe waiting patiently for us to tune in and connect in meaningful ways. Humans couldn’t pick up these signals until they developed the right equipment needed to receive the frequencies. It took me another thirty years or so to adjust my own antennae in order to receive the other information that has always been vibrating throughout the Universe.

We choose what we want to tune in to our entire lives. Some of us lean towards positive energy and good vibrations, while others keep their frequencies at a lower level which results in focusing on negativity. Sometimes we aren’t even aware that our antennas are blocked to the good vibes that are waiting to be shared with us.

I’ve always had interesting dreams, but their messages weren’t clear to me until I started getting acupuncture for a medical condition. I didn’t realize how blocked my chakras were, these are the seven energy centers within us. When our chakras are blocked, we aren’t balanced and it can cause physical, emotional and mental health issues. As soon as I had acupuncture, those little needles acted like radio antennas and I was suddenly in tune with information and wisdom the Universe was always trying to provide for me.

My dreams at night are the easiest way for me to listen to and interpret the wisdom being broadcast by the Universe’s main DJ. But other people who have also adjusted their dials find it easier to tune in through meditation. Some folks are so tuned in, they are able to use their sixth sense, or intuition, as a way to channel information. These include folks that are clairvoyant (see images in their mind), clairsentient (feel other’s emotions), claircognizant (know information automatically), or clairaudient (hear messages from spirit guides).

Just as there are many channels on a radio, there are many ways to tune in to Universal wisdom that is always available to us. When you open yourself to this awareness and make yourself ready to receive the information, be prepared to put on your dancing shoes, because life is about to get a whole lot more interesting. And you may even discover your soul’s purpose.


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